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Two Successful Years with Solar: MLC, Chennai

  • Monday, 29 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • I met Mr. Balachander (and team) of Manufacturing Logistics Control, Chennai, recently. They have installed a 5 KW Solar system two years ago, and another 1 KW solar system recently. I went to see the solar system in their premises and talk to them about their experience with the same.

    It seems they have been running almost everything in their office including AC, fans, lights, servers, computers, etc. for most part of the day using solar power generated by the 5 KW solar system . This system consists of 20 x 250 Wp panels, 5 KVA grid shared system inverter, 16 x 40 AH battery bank. When the power generated by solar power is insufficient, the power from the grid and batteries chip in. One important feature of their system is: Power from different sources is shared, not switched. 

    They use energy efficient appliances like Inverter ACs, LED lights, Super fan, etc. They also measure the amount of energy generated and the amount of energy consumed from each source, at every step. They have plotted a graph with energy bills before and after the installation of solar panel system and the savings is considerable. 

    Off-grid solar systems, which they recommend, has two important advantages over grid-tied solar systems. First, there is energy security for the customers as this system (with batteries) will provide non-stop power during the day and night, even during the few hours of power cuts. Secondly, customers will not face the problem of low voltage during the nights (which is common in many houses) as the system will compensate for the same.

    They feel that adopting energy efficient appliances has made a huge difference in accelerating the RoI after the installation of solar PV modules. They are now testing out a 1 KW system with a smart charge controller that can intelligently switch between battery power (via. solar) and grid power. 

    Based on their own experience they are planning to provide similar solutions for customers with existing Inverter systems. There are three common capacities of Inverters systems and hence solar panels, batteries, and other equipment are recommended based on it. So for 650 VA Inverter systems, they recommend one solar panel of 250Wp; for 850 VA Inverter systems, they recommend two solar panels of 250 Wp; for 1500 VA Inverter systems, they recommend four solar panels of 250 Wp. The battery capacity will be decided based on the number of hours of back up required. 

    As you can see, such a solution will require customization for each customer, and hence the company is willing to do an energy audit, and will recommend the appropriate solar system based on customer usage, existing appliances, etc. for each customer. You can contact them via the contact form available on their website

    Have a look at their blog post that contains detailed analysis after a year of running their office on solar power.

    Disclaimer: This blog post is for your information only and is not a recommendation. This blog is not affiliated with the above mentioned company in anyway and hence readers are recommended to do their own evaluation/analysis before deciding to buy any product or service from the company mentioned on this blog post.

    Training Course on Wind Energy Technology (26 - 30 Oct, 2015) by NIWE, Chennai

  • Saturday, 27 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • National Institute of Wind Energy (Formerly C-WET), Chennai is conducting a national-level training course on Wind Energy technology from 26th October to 30th October, 2015. The cost for this training, as per their brochure is: Rs. 6,000 for students and Rs. 20,000 for everyone else. It seems the registration has started and the course seats will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are in the wind energy field or want to get into it, you might want to check it out. 

    Course outline (Highlights):

    • Wind resource assessment and techniques
    • Planning and design of wind farms
    • Wind turbine components and performance characteristics
    • Installation, Grid integration, O&M activities
    • Testing and certification
    • Indian Government policies and schemes
    • Cost benefit analysis of wind projects, etc.
    This course will be held at the Conference hall of the National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai.

    Further information & download of applications: 18th National Training Course (NIWE website).

    Note: This article is for your information only and is not a recommendation. This blog is not associated with the above mentioned organization in anyway and hence readers are recommended to evaluate the products/services mentioned above before buying any of them.

    Highlights: Coimbatore, 4th Int. Wind Conference & Exhibition

  • Tuesday, 23 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • Today I was at the 4th International Wind Conference & Expo, CODISSIA, Coimbatore. In this post, I summarize the highlights of this year's wind exhibition in Coimbatore.

    1. Major manufacturers of wind turbines: Gamesa, Suzlon, REGEN Powertech, Wind World India (formerly Enercon) had displayed information about their wind turbine models.

    2. Power System Operation Corporation Ltd, a subsidiary of Powergrid, had displayed their consultancy, research capabilities and Renewable Energy Certificate mechanism details.

    3. National Institute of Wind Energy, formerly CWET, highlighted their research, turbine testing, consultancy capabilities and also their training services.

    4. Park College of Engineering Technology displayed their innovative wind mill blade design.

    5. SRM University exhibited their Wind Turbine Blade inspection Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV).

    6. KayArr Engineering Services exhibited their wind turbine gear box and related components.

    7. P.G.R Power Tech exhibited their step down transformers, metering sets, Harmonic Filter Reactor, etc.

    8. MEGA JOULE highlighted their consultancy services in wind and solar including wind speed measuring, irradiation level measuring, assessment services, etc.

    9. OMKAR Clean Energy Services exhibited their operations and maintenance services for renewable energy assets.

    10. Pawan Mitra Aero Engineers exhibited their customized wind mills.

    11. Koncar displayed their static converters.

    12. Arka automations introduced their 'SCADA for wind turbines' custom measurement device.

    13. S.V.A RIKKON Lubes Pvt. Ltd displayed their automatic lubrication systems.

    14. SCHAEFFLER exhibited their bearing solution and services for wind turbines.

    15. Indian Wind Power Association, the organizers, also had their own stall.

    Here are some interesting pics taken at this expo:

    R-Coimbatore-2015-Wind-Energy-Exhibition-National-Institute of-Wind-Energy


    Solar South 2015 Expo, Chennai: Highlights

  • Friday, 19 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K

  • I went to the Solar South, Solar Energy exhibition @ Chennai Trade Center yesterday. Here are some highlights from this expo which is On from June 19 - 21.

    • Ulaginoli Energy solutions had exhibited iSolarair, the Hybrid Solar AC that can run using solar vacuum tubes (generally used with solar heater systems) or the electrical grid.
    • Surya Power Magic Pvt. Ltd had displayed their solar water pump solution for agricultural farmers, with a working display outside the exhibition.
    • SOLATUBE and Skyshade Daylights had exhibited their daylight lighting solution using natural sunlight, and shading concepts.
    • VISPRA Solar explained about their UPS/PCU systems. They also had a system that could convert any brand normal UPS into Solar UPS.
    • LV Solar Solutions and MAS Solar systems are manufacturers of solar panels. The latter also provides hands-on training for students and others to join the solar energy industry.
    • NED Energy Ltd. had displayed their range of Solar Batteries which can handle the variations in charging and discharging prevalent with Solar PV systems.
    • FOCUSSUN Energy Systems, RCL Controls, Divya Tooling technologies displayed Solar Water heaters. 
    • MEDI Electronic Devices & Instruments displayed their electronic solutions including Solar pump control, Zero drop solar chargers, MPPT systems, etc.
    • KCP Solar Energy, Green Field Solar (P) Ltd, Shree Jayaram Technologies, TRIO Solar, etc. explained their solar system integration capabilities.
    • There were a few companies exhibiting their LED Light solutions including Photonics.
    • FARO had displayed their Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).
    • Evolve India representatives told me that they were the distributors for Suntech, zeversolar, Upsolar brands. 
    • Chennai Sun Power representatives told me that they were the dealers for Microtek Inverters & UPS. 
    • There were some publications like Power Watch India, Energy & Power who displayed their magazines for the power sector.
    • And there were a few more stalls including a canteen that served food and beverages :)
    If you are in Chennai today or tomorrow you might want to visit this exhibition to gather more knowledge and evaluate renewable energy systems for your house/company. 

    Here are some interesting pics I clicked during the 2015 Solar South Exhibition @ Chennai Trade Center today:

    Coimbatore: 4th International Wind Conference & Exhibition (Jun. 21 - 23)

  • Thursday, 18 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • The 4th International Wind Conference & Exhibition is all set to begin at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu from June 21 - 23, 2015. If you are connected with renewable energy industry in India, wind energy in particular, you might want to attend it. 

    Wind Power is not only for Large Scale Power producers, it is also for institutions/companies located in windy regions looking for small scale renewable generators. Wind Power can be more economical than Solar power. 

    Exhibition: 21st Saturday - 23rd Tuesday.

    Conference: 22nd Monday & 23rd Tuesday.

    Expected Participation for the exhibition: Wind Farm developers, Wind Turbine manufacturers, Wind Turbine accessories suppliers, Wind Energy related electrical & electronic components manufacturers, Utility/Power companies, Administrators, Government policy makers, Service providers, Financial institutions, Renewable Energy System Integrators, Solution providers, Distributors, etc.

    Stall Rates: Rs. 8000/- per Sq. Meter + Taxes [Please check event website linked below for latest rates and availability]

    Conference Agenda: Main topics for discussion include,
    • Power evacuation, Large scale integration of wind energy in the grid
    • AMC to improve PLF
    • Repowering
    • REC & RPO mechanisms
    • Solar Wind Hybrid systems
    • Wind forecasting & scheduling
    • Perspectives from the German wind market and lessons for India, etc.
    Conference Cost:
    • General: Rs. 7000/110 Euros
    • IWPA Members: Rs. 5000/70 Euros
    • Professors/Bonafide Students: Rs. 1500/15 Euros
    *Note: For latest price/availability/other information, please check the organizer's web page linked below. 

    Further Information: Organizer's Home page, Brochure

    CODISSIA, Coimbatore Location Venue: Google Maps.

    I'll be attending this exhibition and will be sharing the highlights/interesting products-services I find there, on this blog. So don't forget to follow this blog.  

    Are You Going to Solar South Expo, Chennai, June 19 - 21?

  • Wednesday, 10 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • The Second edition of Solar South, an exhibition for Solar Energy products & LEDs, will be held at the Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam, from June 19 to June 21, 2015. This year, in addition to Solar Energy products, the focus will also be on LEDs. This expo is being organized by Smart Expos & Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd. 

    I will be attending this Solar Exhibition in Chennai, this year. If you are nearby and can come, do visit. Otherwise, you can follow my blog for the highlights from this fair. I will write about the interesting products and services I find there, on this blog. 

    Who Should Visit?

    This is mainly a B2B exhibition, but there will also be many products/services for residential customers. Visitor profiles include: Solar project developers, Architects, Consultants, Real Estate Developers, Government Officials, Venture Capitalists, New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Manufacturing Companies, Corporates, Distributors and Dealers looking for new products/partnerships, Interior Designers, Lighting Engineers, Construction Professionals, Energy Service Companies, Project Management associates, etc. 

    Exhibitor Profile: Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, System Integrators, Installers of Various Solar and LED products like:
    • PV cells, modules
    • Thin film modules
    • Inverters
    • Batteries, Charge controllers
    • Tracking/Mounting systems, Electrical components
    • BIPV
    • Energy storage systems
    • Consumer solar products like lights, solar plants, toys, etc. 
    • Solar Thermal
    • Solar Water Heater
    • Architectural LED Lighting
    • Automotive LED Lighting
    • Commercial LED Lighting
    • Interior/Residential/Street LED Lighting
    If you want to exhibit in this expo, have a look at the floor plan and tariff/rates from here

    Further Information: Solar South.

    I went to the expo and have written about the highlights from this event in this blog post

    Location On Google Maps:

    Interesting Solar Products Available Online (Amazon.in)

  • Wednesday, 3 June 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K

  • Did you know that you could buy solar panels, solar chargers, LED lights powered by solar modules, solar charge controllers, solar flash lights/emergency lamps, solar spot lights, light with motion sensor, lanterns powered by solar panels, etc. directly from Amazon.in, and get it delivered to your home? 

    Click here to see the entire range of Solar products available on Amazon.in

    Here are some interesting Solar products I found on Amazon.in -

    1. 100W/12V Solar PV Module: Yes, you can buy as many 100W solar modules as you wish and setup a mini power generating plant in your house. Just be careful to check if the solar panel doesn't arrive in damaged condition (return it, if it does).

    2. Flexible Solar Panels: These are flexible/foldable thin film based solar panels that can be stuck to a wall or fixed to a window sill with no supporting structure. If you don't have space on your rooftop, you might find this product useful.

    3. MPPT Solar Charge Controller: If you use a battery in your solar panel system, you could use this MPPT solar charge controller to charge it safely and more efficiently. An MPPT charge controller generates 25% more power when compared to PWM charge controller.

    4. 20W Solar Module with Portable Battery: If your application is to power a couple of LED lights and a DC fan for 1-2 hours (during power cuts, etc.) you could buy this combo of 20W solar panel and portable battery.

    5. Solar Power Bank: Instead of buying a normal power bank (battery) for charging your mobile devices, why not buy a solar power bank and start charging your USB-based charging devices through it? These mobile chargers can be powered both by solar or directly by the mains, if you want the charging to happen faster.

    6. Rechargeable Solar Fan with Battery/Charger: If you want to cool yourselves during power cuts in summer or if you want a fan to operate in remote areas where electricity is not available, this solar fan with rechargeable battery/charger and solar panel might just be a perfect gift for yourself!

    7. Solar GSM Alarm with Video Recording: This solar-based alarm detects if there is any motion in the specified range in your property, when you are away, and generates an alarm. It will also send a snapshot/video of the intruder activity to your mobile phone as an MMS.

    8. Solar Kitchen Scale: This kitchen scale uses solar power to operate and display the weight of ingredients you place on it, on an electronic display, so that you can be sure of the weight of each ingredient you put into your cooking.

    9. Solar LED Garden Lamp with Mosquito Repellent Technology: Often, we want to sit in the garden during late evenings and read a book peacefully. But we may find there is no power line/light and there are many mosquitoes during that time. This product - Solar LED garden lamp with mosquito repellent solves the problem perfectly. It charges the battery during daytime and activates the lamp and ultrasound frequency to repel the mosquitoes, during night time.

    10. Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor: This solar wall light will get charged in the day through built-in solar panels and will light up in the night only when it detects any people/motion around it. This solves the problem of security and lights staying on needlessly.

    11. Mobile LED Emergency Lamp:These LED lamps with built in battery and external solar panel (with long cable) can be a perfect emergency lamp or a replacement to kerosene lamps.

    12. Solar LED Table Lamp: If you are looking for a table lamp with built-in battery that can be charged with solar panels, this is it! This table lamp has a gooseneck for directional flexibility and focused lighting for bright visibility over a small region, hence optimized for reading during the night time.

    Click here to see the entire range of Solar products available on Amazon.in

    Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on them and buy the product, I may get a small commission. While this listing is to enable you to discover new products, this listing should not be considered as a recommendation. Customers are encouraged to do their own research and evaluation before buying any product mentioned here.

    Airier: Biomass Pellets, Stove & Burner in India

  • Tuesday, 26 May 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • I met the representatives of Airier Natura Private Ltd, during the recent Green Summit 2015 renewable energy expo at Bangalore. They are the manufacturers of Biomass Pellets, Biomass Stove & Biomass Burners in India.

    What are Biomass Pellets?

    Biomass Pellets are a type of fuel that releases heat energy when burned. These are packed densely and have a low moisture content (less than 10%), hence they can burn with high efficiency. Biomass pellets are available in different sizes like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 20mm, etc. 

    They are generally made from compacted/compressed biomass like sawdust, wastes from wood products manufacturing, left over tree felling, palm kernel shells, groundnut shells, coffee husk, etc. Different types of biomass pellets are available for commercial and industrial applications.

    Biomass Pellet Stove:

    The Biomass pellet stove burns biomass pellets in a more efficient manner. There are two types: Natural Draft, Forced Draft (that use fans, etc.) There are different biomass stoves for different applications like domestic & commercial, respectively.

    Biomass Pellet Burner:

    Biomass pellet burner uses biomass pellets as fuel and is intended to replace oils and fossil fuels to provide energy to boilers and furnaces in a variety of industries. There are different types of biomass burners, depending on the application. 

    Further Information/Manufacturer's webpage:  Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd.

    Large-Scale BioGas Systems in India: ENERZEA Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.

  • Tuesday, 19 May 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K

  • Biogas is produced by anaerobic fermentation of biomass. It can be used to generate electricity. Biogas can be produced from food waste in hotels & hospitality industries, animal waste in slaughter houses, cow dung in diary farms, agro residues in agriculture industries, decaying biomass in landfills, etc. 

    Enerzia Power Solutions is a Bangalore-based company that provides large-scale biogas producing systems to customers. I met their representatives in the recently concluded Green Summit 2015, Bangalore. The company is also into solar power generation. They provide Biogas Gensets from 80 kWe to 200 kWe & 370 kWe to 2000 kWe.

    Further Information/Company Website: Enerzea Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.

    Note: This website is not affiliated with the above mentioned company in anyway. Customers are requested to do their own evaluation and research before buying anything from them. This article is for your information only and for the latest details, refer to the company website mentioned above.

    Highlights of Green Summit 2015, Bangalore

  • Wednesday, 6 May 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K

  • I went to the recent Green Summit 2015, the Renewable Energy Exhibition held in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This expo was held between April 23 - 25, 2015 in White Orchid Convention Center, Bangaluru. In this post, I'll summarize some interesting highlights (renewable energy products/services) I found there. This is not comprehensive, but only a partial listing. I'll do detailed blog posts on some of these products in the coming days.

    The first thing that attracted me as soon as I entered the exhibition was the Solar Car. Yes, an electric car with embedded solar panels on the top! This was exhibited by Manipal Institute and Tata Power Solar. Unfortunately, this car is a prototype that is meant to participate in solar racing competitions and not a commercial one that people can buy. Let's hope we'll be able to buy such cars in the future. Good first step taken by two Indian organizations.

    • I met with the officials of Su-Kam, who have come out with a number of interesting products for the renewable energy market. Some of them include: Solar inverter conversion unit, remote gateway for monitoring, MPPT Solar PCU, a system that helps compare efficiency, etc. 
    • Right next to them was SOLATUBE, the company that enables customers to light up their premises during the day time using the natural light available outside.

    • Then there was clickpower.in, a portal that connects producers and consumers of green power and enables power purchase transactions for open access customers. 
    • A Hybrid Solar/Wind generator was exhibited by Wind Stream. 
    • Anu Solar had exhibited their Solar Lighting system that can be controlled via a remote control.

    • Then I saw the new Solar Water Heater displayed by Bosch: BLUTHERM. This model has a 100 L capacity and they have done a number of enhancements like screwless design, thinner bezel, solar heat retaining glass, etc. 
    • I found small scale biogas plants exhibited by synod.in and large-scale biogas plants exhibited by enerzea.com. 

    • UNIPAR had displayed their Hybrid Solar Inverter that retains power for PC during power cuts (without restarting) as it has a 6ms response time compared to 20ms response time, normally.
    • Kamal Solar had displayed their solar water heaters. 
    • kenandbambooz.com had displayed their bamboo construction capabilities.

    • BHEL, the Govt. enterprise, had exhibited their solar and renewable energy R&D capabilities.
    • AIRIER NATURA had displayed their biomass gassification burner and biomass pellets.
    • insolare.com had displayed their Wisys smart street and office lighting solutions.

    Please note: These are the highlights of some of the products that I found there. This post is only for your information and is not a recommendation for any company/product mentioned above.

    Solar Panel Manufacturers in Hyderabad

  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • This is a partial list of solar panel manufacturers in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. During the recently concluded HYREX 2015 Renewable Energy exhibition in Hyderabad, I met the representatives of some of these companies - that's how I know about them. This is only a partial list.

    Aditi Solar is a manufacturer of Mono- and Multi-Crystalline Solar PV Modules and provides a limited (performance) warranty of 25 years. Their HO/Manufacturing plant is in Hyderabad and their branch offices are located in Pune, Raipur, Jaipur.

    Akshaya Solar manufactures Solar PV Modules ranging from 3wp to 250wp. Their manufacturing line has an installed annual production capacity of 6 MW. They provide 10 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty.

    Headquartered in Hyderabad, Access Solar has an installed production capacity of 80 MW for Solar PV Modules. They offer Solar PV Modules from 3 wp to 300 wp, in both mono crystalline and multi crystalline lines.

    Titan Power Grid is a Solar Module manufacturer based in Hyderabad who offers 10 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty.

    e-mug Energy, based in Hyderabad, manufactures both mono crystalline and multi crystalline solar modules ranging from 3 wp to 290 wp. They provide 25 years performance warranty.

    HBL Power Systems is a Hyderabad-based Company that manufactures Solar PV Modules and supplies rooftop Solar PV systems from 1KW to 10KW.

    Solar Semiconductor has a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad for Solar PV Modules with manufacturing capacity of 195 MW.

    8. Premier Solar Systems:

    Premier Solar Systems based out of Hyderabad is the manufacturer of small solar panels (5 wp to 85 wp), large solar panels - off grid (100 wp to 200 wp), large solar panels - on grid (220 wp to 330 wp). These are crystalline solar modules. This company also imports and sells thin film solar panels. 

    Note: This website is not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies in anyway. This article is only for your information, and is not a recommendation. Customers are recommended to do their own fact checking and evaluation before they buy anything. For the latest information about these companies, please check their website links (linked on their company names above).
    In this blog, I am taking baby steps to enable myself (and others) to adopt renewable energy technologies. Only if we know all the options available to us, we will be able to take informed and meaningful decisions, right?

    Let us learn what renewable energy technology options we have, who provides them and at what cost.

    Frankly, renewable energy in India (and perhaps the world) is still in its adolescence - Let us help it become a confident Man/Woman! And in the process, let us debate, analyze, form opinions and break them so that we can achieve the Utopian dream of Energy Security through Renewable Energy. Are you with me?

    Rajesh K - solarwindhydroenergy [at] gmail [dot] com

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