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Andromeda Energy Technologies: Solar Lanterns, Modules, Inverters

  • Tuesday, 24 February 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • Andromeda Energy Technologies is a company based out of Secunderabad, Telangana. They have branches in Kolkata & Delhi, and support customers in many locations across India. They manufacture/sell Solar PV & Solar Thermal products. Among other products, they provide Solar Lanterns, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Solar LEDs. 

    I met their representatives in the recently concluded HYREX 2015 expo at Hyderabad, and they provided me with a brochure containing the following product details: 

    1. Solar Lanterns: 

    2. Solar Modules: The company manufactures Solar Modules in the following capacities (at the time of writing this article): 5Wp, 8Wp, 10Wp, 12Wp, 14Wp, 18Wp, 20Wp, 30Wp, 35Wp, 37Wp, 40Wp, 50Wp, 70Wp, 80Wp. Details about their Solar Modules can be found on their website

    3. Solar Inverters:

    In their brochure, they say that their Solite Inverters are designed to produce and provide home quality pure sine wave 230V AC to run electrical appliances. This inverter, it seems, uses sunlight to produce electricity. 

    Inverter models: 

    a. SOORAJ AETPL_100 ~ Battery: 12V/75Ah; Invertor: 400VA, 230V AC; Load operating hours: 396 Whrs.
    b. SOORAJ AETPL_150 ~ Battery: 12V/120Ah; Invertor: 600VA, 230V AC; Load operating hours: 616 Whrs.
    c. SOORAJ AETPL_200 ~ Battery: 12V/150Ah; Invertor: 600VA, 230V AC; Load operating hours: 736 Whrs. 

    Please note: Technical information provided here was taken from the brochure provided by the company representatives during the expo. These may change with time and hence it is recommended to visit the vendor website for the latest information about their products. 

    Further Info/Manufacturer's website: Andromeda Energy Technologies.

    Solar Power Plant with Solar AC: Titan Power Grid

  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • Titan Power Grid, based in Hyderabad, India, offers Solar Power Plant with Solar AC, among other solar-based products/solutions. I met their representatives at the recently concluded HYREX 2015 Solar Expo at Hyderabad. 

    This is the Solar AC they had displayed in their stall. It seems they make the Solar AC in association with SHARP. As you can guess, the Solar AC uses Inverter AC technology that can adjust the speed of the compressor based on the ambient air temperature which results in lower energy consumption/energy bills, and quieter operation. 

    But the Solar AC developed by Titan Power Grid, the company representatives say, is more efficient than Inverter ACs because they use more energy efficient parts and power the motor, compressor, fans, etc. through solar. Hence, their 1 Tonne AC is rated at 560W that can be provided by 600W Solar Panels, which is lower than the 1000W+ power rating of normal ACs (according to their website). 

    They provide three options for Solar AC: 

    • Stand-alone energy efficient Solar AC that is not powered by Solar Panels.
    • Solar AC powered by Solar Panels and with AC Synchronization Controller to enable the AC to be operated with Solar power or Grid.
    • Solar AC with Solar Panels, AC Synchronization, and Batteries to enable the AC to be operated with Solar Power, Grid or Saved solar power in the batteries. 
    For further details on Titan Power Grid Solar AC, please refer to their product page. It seems, currently they are offering Solar ACs only along with 3KW (or more) Solar Power Plants. Right now you can find the prices of Solar Power plants from the right-hand side news section of their website. Their representatives told me that they hope to sell Stand-alone Solar ACs shortly.

    Also, have a look at their excellent guide (pdf) explaining the basic components that go into the making a solar power plant.

    HYREX 2015: Inaugurated by Shri. Muhammad Ali, Deputy CM, Telangana

  • Friday, 20 February 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K

  • The fifth edition of HYREX 2015 - Renewable Energy Expo with focus on Solar and LED - was inaugurated today by Shri. Muhammad Ali, Deputy CM, in Hyderabad, Telangana. He was accompanied by Shri Hanumantha Rao of TRS. Mr.  Sundara Murthy, the organizer of this event from Spoorthy Padham, a Telugu Magazine, introduced the Dignitaries, and the expo.  In the below picture, you can see Mr. Muhammad Ali speaking with the mic in the center of the photo, and Mr. Sundara Murthy on the left corner of the photo.

    Prior to the inauguration, both Shri. Muhammad Ali and Shri. Hanumantha Rao, visited the various stalls in the exhibition, and went through the products and offerings provided by the vendors. While speaking, the Deputy CM assured Government support for the expo, and for popularizing renewable energy in the state.

    I'll feature some interesting renewable energy products, services and companies I found in this expo, shortly.

    Prepaid Solar Electricity for the Masses: Simpa Networks

  • Tuesday, 17 February 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • Simpa Networks is an Indian company based out of Bangalore that offers prepaid solar electricity in a pay-as-you-go model. 

    How does it work?

    In this model, for a small fee, the company provides a solar home system (solar panel, battery, control circuit, LED lamps, charging points, etc.). After the initial payment, consumers can use their mobile phone to top up their solar home system and pay an amount to unlock/access only the amount of electricity required by them. 

    This amount, the company claims, contributes towards the ownership of the provided solar system. When the cost of the solar system is paid in full after multiple installments, consumers own the system and they no longer have to pay to access electricity.

    This is an interesting model for three reasons: 

    • The consumer need not pay the entire cost for the solar home system upfront, and pays only a small portion of it (not sure how much that small portion is, will try to update if I get the info).
    • Consumers need not pay regularly (weekly or monthly), which they may not be able to. Instead, they pay when they have money and when they want electricity.
    • Each payment also includes a small amount towards the ownership of the device, and consumers can own the device after a few months/years depending on their usage. 

    The company has integrated the solar home system and mobile payment technology into a single solution, and has introduced the progressive payment system where customer pays when he wants to access electricity, much like a prepaid mobile, which are all excellent. 


    However, if the consumer does not pay for a long time, the generated electricity (beyond what can be stored in the battery) becomes a waste. Also, the battery needs to be changed after its lifetime (which is generally limited), and it's not clear who bears this cost or if that can be done and how much replacement batteries will cost. 

    You can get more details about their system from Simpa Networks website and the contact details of the company is here.

    RENERGY 2015, Coimbatore: 13 - 16 Feb. (Part of Elektrotec 2015)

  • Thursday, 12 February 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • RENERGY 2015, the renewable energy exhibition in Tamil Nadu, India, is back in Coimbatore and will be held from 13 - 16 February, 2015. This expo will be a part of the Elektrotec 2015 Expo with focus on domestic and residential electrical and electronic products. RENERGY 2015 Coimbatore has been organized jointly by CODISSIA and TEDA, and will be held at the fully air-conditioned CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex.

    The Renewable energy exhibition will be a B2B market place for vendors to meet customers who wish to evaluate products and services in this segment. The organizers are also planning a one day seminar on renewable energy topics, according to the website.

    The Focus areas include: Solar, Wind, Biomass, Waste to Energy, Energy Efficiency, Batteries and Energy Storage, Power Systems, Electric Vehicles, etc. 

    Further Details/Event Website: RENERGY 2015.

    Ecozen: Solar-based Micro Cold Storage

  • Tuesday, 10 February 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K

  • Ecozen Solutions is based out of Pune, Maharashtra. They manufacture renewable energy-based products, including the solar-based Micro Cold Storage. A video overview of this product is embedded above. 

    A micro cold storage powered by solar panels enables farmers to store vegetables/fruits for a longer term, hence enabling them to sell it at best prices.

    The Ecozen Solutions Micro Cold Storage is powered by solar panels, but can also draw power from the grid where needed (hybrid model). They use 3.6 KWp - 10 KWp solar panel capacity (as required) and claim that their model is battery free. The storage capacity varies from 3.5 - 10 Tons; and the pre-cooling capacity varies from 0.5 - 1 Tons.

    Refer to the following links for further info on the company/product: Ecozen Solutions Website; Product Brochure.

    Note: This website provides information to help you identify interesting/useful renewable energy products. Please do your research on the product and company before deciding/buying. Data mentioned here is based on the info available on their website at the time of writing.

    India, 2015: List of Major Renewable Energy Exhibitions

  • Tuesday, 3 February 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • I am presenting a list of major renewable energy exhibitions/conferences in India during the year 2015 below. This list is by no means comprehensive and if you know an expo/conference that should be featured here, send a mail to solarwindhydroenergy[at]gmail[dot]com. For further information, click the official websites for each expo, linked below.

    1. HYREX 2015, Hyderabad, February 20 - 21, Website.

    2. Green Summit 2015, Bangalore, April 23 - 25, Website

    3. North India Solar Summit 2015, Lucknow, April 24 - 26, Website.

    4. Power-Gen India & Central Asia 2015, New Delhi, May 14 - 16, Website.

    5. Solar South 2015, Chennai, June 19 - 21, Website.

    6. Renewable Energy India Expo 2015, Noida, Sept. 23 - 25, Website.

    7. Intersolar India 2015, Mumbai, Nov. 18 - 20, Website.

    8. ENERASIA 2015, Gujarat, Dec. 18 - 20, Website

    This is only a partial list of important renewable energy exhibitions to be conducted in India during this year. As and when I come to know about more such events, I will add them here. I hope to attend as many expo/conferences as possible.

    HYREX - Hyderabad's Renewable Energy Exhibition (Feb. 20 - 21, 2015)

  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • HYREX 2015, to be held during February 20 - 21, 2015 @ Nizam's College, Basheerbagh in Hyderabad, Telangana, is an important renewable energy exhibition that covers both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in India (mainly). HYREX 2015 is the second edition of this expo, after the successful completion of the first edition in 2014. The HYREX expo is being organized by ECO SURE, part of Spoorthy Padham, a Telugu magazine. 

    There will be an exhibition, conferences, product launches, demonstrations, and few more activities related to renewable energy technologies as a part of this expo. 

    Some Focus areas of HYREX 2015 are:
    • Solar PV, Solar Thermal
    • Wind
    • Biomass, Biofuels
    • Small Hydro
    • LEDs
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Renewable Energy Finance and Investments
    • Green buildings
    • Renewable chemicals
    • Climate change and global warming solutions
    • Green IT, etc. 
    The space booking charges for this expo is outlined here. It's quite less when compared to other exhibitions, hence if you are a vendor in this space and have operations in these two states, you may want check if space is still available to exhibit your products/services. Three types of sponsorship options are also available, check their website for details.

    Further Details/Website: HYREX 2015, Eco Sure Expo.


    Energy Savers: Website on Energy Efficiency by BEE

  • Wednesday, 28 January 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • Energy Savers is a website created and managed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India. BEE is a Government body involved in energy efficiency regulatory and promotional functions including development of energy performance standards, energy conservation building codes; creating awareness and disseminating information on energy efficiency, preparing educational curriculum on energy efficiency, etc. 

    The website is focused more on creating awareness and giving information on energy efficiency best practices. For example, in the Energy Saving Tips page you can find useful information including:

    • Light colored exterior walls absorb less heat, and hence the house requires less cooling. 
    • Using air conditioners along with fans, and switching off air conditioners after 30 minutes reduces energy consumption by ACs (which consume electricity @ Rs. 10 per hour). 
    • Allowing hot foods to cool before putting them into the fridge, and not keeping liquids openly in the fridge (covering it with plates, keeping them inside sealed boxes) reduces electricity consumption by refrigerators. 
    • Setting washing machine to use cold water (instead of hot water) saves up to 90% of power.
    • Try to bring the cold items taken from refrigerator to room temperature, before putting them on the stove. Blue flame indicates efficient cooking, but yellow flame indicates inefficiency and burner needs cleaning. 
    • Try to use solar cooker/solar water heater.
    • Screensavers save the screen, not energy. Switching off the laptop when not in use is important to save energy. A flat LCD monitor/laptop is more power efficient. 
    • Ceiling fans should be mounted at least 24 inches below the ceiling for them to operate efficiently. 
    You can find many more useful tips to save energy on this page

    BEE has published an exhaustive guide on energy efficiency: Doing More With Less: A Handbook on Energy Conservation and Efficiency. You can download/read (pdf) from here.This guide contains information on energy star and labeling, energy calculation, energy efficient buildings, energy use in various sectors, etc.

    The website also has information on activities for schools and kids like painting competitions, energy club, etc. Interested schools can register themselves too. 

    While you are there, don't forget to check the Downloads section that contains a lot of downloadable information on energy efficiency, including guides and information brochures in Hindi & English, cartoons for kids, posters, handbooks on energy conservation, etc. 

    Here is the website link again: Energy Savers. Do check it out!

    Buying Solar systems using Quikr

  • Tuesday, 13 January 2015
  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • If I relocate to Bangalore (for example - it can be any other place too), how will I ensure that I get the best deal when shopping for solar systems & products?

    By using Quikr.

    Yes. You thought Quikr was only a classifieds advertising site where you can buy used products and services? No, there are many vendors there who sell new products also. It's easy to search for all types of vendors, products, and services right from the website.

    Just type 'solar' in Quikr search, and you'll find a plethora of products related to solar.

    Coming back to the topic - if I relocate to Bangalore, how will I use Quikr to get the best deal for solar products/accessories?

    Here are some interesting solar-related products/services I have identified in Bangalore, via Quikr:

    * 1BHK House with Solar Water Heater: I need a house for rent, and I need a solar water heater. Why not get both? I searched for 'Solar house with water heater' and I got this house for rent that already has a solar water heater installed.

    * Solar Panels: Next I need to buy solar panels. I searched for solar panels and I found this vendor who sells them. I'll identify other vendors too, request them to size up my requirement and suggest the capacity. After evaluating all the solar panel vendors, I'll zero-in on one, and buy solar panels from them.

    * Turnkey Solar systems: If I am not in the mood to buy solar panels, inverters, etc. from separate vendors and appoint a system integrated to install everything, I will go with a turnkey solar system provider like this. They supply solar panels, solar inverters, voltage stabilizers, UPS, etc.

    * Convert my existing non-solar UPS into Solar UPS: If I already have a UPS, I would prefer to convert that into a Solar UPS instead of buying a new one. Here's one vendor who will help me do just that.

    * Solar Lighting Systems: If lights are not already installed in the house or if I need some additional lights, I will prefer to buy LED lights that utilize less power, have long life, lower thermal output, etc. I will buy LED lights from a vendor like this.

    * Solar Chargers & Solar Kit: How can I claim to go green if I keep charging my mobile devices using the grid power? I can buy solar mobile charging kit with a small solar panel, chargers, etc. from a vendor like this.

    * Solar Water Pump: Water pumps can be operated through solar energy. So why not buy solar water pumps system and use it when I am there? I can buy solar water pumps from a vendor like this.

    You'll be amazed at how many sellers (both for new and used solar products) I was able to identify through Quikr. Of course, I need to do proper research and vendor evaluation before I decide to buy products from any of them.

    I just typed solar in the Quikr search and was able to identify all the above products within the first two pages. If I search a little more, I am sure I'll find many more solar-related products.

    If you live in Bangalore or are planning to move to Bangalore, check out the products and vendors listed in Quikr.

    Disclaimer: This post has been written for an indiBlogger contest in association with Quikr.

    Solar Water Purification RO/UF Systems by Jackson in India

  • by
  • Rajesh K
  • Solar power is abundantly available in India. So why not use that for water purification, especially in areas where electricity is not available, or in remote areas? 

    When I attended the RENERGY 2014 in Chennai, I came across the solar water purification system (using Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filteration technologies) manufactured by Jackson Power. These systems can cater to the drinking water requirements of 3-4 families on a daily basis, according to their website. They use solar panels to filter the water, hence external electrical connection may not be required.

    I think this is a good application of solar energy, especially for a country like India which needs water purification systems in rural areas where electricity is not available or is not regular. Only, if these systems become affordable (due to mass adoption), we can have many such solar water purification systems deployed across the country. 

    Have a look at the details of their solar water purification systems from here. The brochure is here.

    This blog post is just for your information, and is not a recommendation. We don't have any affiliation with the vendors/products mentioned here. People are requested to do ample research before deciding to buy any product or service.
    In this blog, I am taking baby steps to enable myself (and others) to adopt renewable energy technologies. Only if we know all the options available to us, we will be able to take informed and meaningful decisions, right?

    Let us learn what renewable energy technology options we have, who provides them and at what cost.

    Frankly, renewable energy in India (and perhaps the world) is still in its adolescence - Let us help it become a confident Man/Woman! And in the process, let us debate, analyze, form opinions and break them so that we can achieve the Utopian dream of Energy Security through Renewable Energy. Are you with me?

    Rajesh K - solarwindhydroenergy[at]gmail[dot]com

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